Few things in life will leave you as speechless as the Grand Canyon, with the exception of the staff at Prickly Pear Resort. They’re second to none. Shucks, they aren’t even third or fourth. A cast of characters hasn’t been this dysfunctional since the island of misfit toys. They’re all lovable enough, they’re just woefully short on motivation, talent, ideas, and practically everything else needed to put Prickly Pear resort back on the map.

The resort is run by Donny Butternut, a brash bald eagle with plenty of opinions and plenty of apathy. His second-in-command is an overly optimistic and energetic beaver named Becky. She’s confident she can convert Prickly Pear into one of the best resorts in the country. It’ll take a bit of sweat, a few miracles, and installing wifi but Becky never says quit. It also doesn’t help that Prickly Pear is just a stone’s throw from their rivals at Friendly Falls resort. The rivals have all the money, all the muscles, and new uniforms with matching fancy hats. They’ve got plenty of attitude too.

Follow this faux-documentary of the oldest resort in the Grand Canyon as they try to relive their glory days.