After one-too-many boring summers in Lawndale, best buddies Parker and Carter decide to take things into their own hands. Curiously rummaging through Parker’s dad’s ancient artifacts, they discover an interesting amulet that awakens some pretty cool powers in Parker. He soon learns that he comes from a line of werewolf like creatures known as lycans, however in their desire to satisfy their curiosity, Parker and Carter will discover there is more to Lawndale than they could ever imagine.

A twelve-year-old lycan and a wannabe ninja never lack for fun, but they can sure get into more trouble than they can handle. If it weren’t for Torie, Carter’s tag-along twin sister, these two would be neck deep in detention slips and ER trips. One thing’s for sure, the sleepy little town of Lawndale can no longer afford to hit the snooze button.