Most kids are fast asleep when the stars come out. But not Kiko. You see, Kiko is a bat. He sleeps all day and plays all night. Maybe its because he lives in New Orleans. Maybe it’s because he lives in an enchanted old willow tree. Or perhaps because he has plenty of nocturnal friends to keep him company. Whatever the reason, there’s always something fun going on with Kiko!

Kiko is a natural born leader that tends to get in over his head sometimes because courage hasn’t quite caught up with his adventurous spirit. Fortunately his friends Annie (a practical armadillo) and Dijon (an overly energetic cat), are always there to encourage his growing leadership skills.

Together they all learn that common childhood fears are no match for teamwork, cooperation, and creativity. They have an uncanny knack for defeating sea monsters, catching bandits, learning to fly, or exploring faraway galaxies…all before the sun comes up and they have to go back to bed!